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Swimming Pool Maintenance Essex - Service - Repair - Accessories

If your looking for Swimming Pool Maintenance Essex, Hunneybel Pools & Spas offer the highest quality standard of bespoke pool & spa maintenance services available. We can guarantee to you that (as our valued customers) your pool is in the safest of hands all year round.

This should not only be understood by you through our extensive, technical knowledge and demonstrated to you through our professional, manual, engineering skills but perhaps above all, can be proven to you by our impressive credentials as a company.

Whatever the type of swimming pool, be it a commercial premises or that of your cherished family home, we are here to help and guide you with all your needs at the most affordable rates there are.


Our entire team of professionals are polite, friendly, presentable and easily approachable. We are always there to help and assist you with all of your swimming pool needs. Client confidentially is important to us, we will treat you and your property with the upmost respect as all good personal service companies should.


We can provide our clients many different types of Swimming Pool Maintenance Services, including:

  • Extensive testing of water(Chlorine, PH, total alkalinity, Cynauric acid, Calcium hardness, Sulphates and Chlorides, Phosphate Test, Balancing of Water)

  • Vacuuming of pool

  • Brushing of pool floor and walls

  • Filtration check and service

  • Back wash procedure of sand filter

  • Removal and cleanse of skimmer/pump baskets

  • Cleanse of probes

  • Cleanse of tile band

  • Tidy up and clean of pool surrounding area (a huge potential area of bacterial growth)

  • Boiler Gas & Oil service (conducted by certified Oftec & gas safe engineers)

  • Heat Pump & Dehumidifier Service/Repair

  • Leak Detection

  • Acid wash and re-grouting of pool mosaic tiles

  • Pool cover cleaning service

  • Mechanical service and clean of automatic cover

  • All types of cover installation

  • Summer opening and winter shutdown of pool

  • Supplying of any chemicals required, such as chlorine tablets/granules, algicide, shock, starver, ph increaser and ph & alkalinity reducer as well as test strips. We stock an extensive range of pool products at discount prices

  • Plant Room Service

  • New Plant Room Installation

  • 24 Hour Call Out Service / Emergency Visit

  • Though a weekly routine visit is recommended, we can visit your pool as often or as little as you wish. We can come for One off, weekly, fortnightly,monthly,yearly and holiday maintenance visits. Call 01277 372292 to book now.

Aside from our Quality Swimming Pool Services, We can also provide our clients a Bespoke Hot Tub & Spa Maintenance Service at a discounted rate, here is what is involved in the process:


For more information on our Pool, Spa & Hot Tub Service Packages and to find out a price list please contact us on 01277 372292 or alternatively email

  • Chemical treatment of water – Upon arrival, before draining, we will treat your Spa/Hot Tub with Biofilm Eliminator to thoroughly clean all bacteria/dirt/fats in the pipe work. Before leaving once Spa/Hot Tub is refilled with fresh water, we will treat water with all chemicals appropriate to the current water state. Regularly used chemicals include: Chlorine/Bromine Tablets/Granules, PH plus/PH minus, Shock, Starver.

  • Drain out and Clean of Spa/Hot Tub – This includes Full Vacuum, Acid Wash and Rinse.

  • Jet & Filter Check- We will remove all jets and filters, check for any damage, before giving them a full clean and soak in the relevant chemical solution. Ensuring any grit/bacteria is completely removed. After a good soak, we will rinse and reinstall before filling the water back up again.

  • Full maintenance and quality control check- Every pump, water blower and all other important mechanisms are performance tested with highly advanced electronic equipment. Each separate component is tested for current durability and overall wear. Our engineer will also check for any unusual sounds and carry out a thorough inspection to ensure that water tightness is guaranteed.

  • Leak detection & full Examination of pipe work- This will ensure that there are no faults in the piping mechanisms of your Spa/Hot Tub.

  • Service Circulation Pump and Heater

  • Inspect/Tighten Unions and replace small seals if necessary

  • Refill Spa/Hot Tub with fresh water

  • Prime all pumps of air and re-commission

  • Wipe Spa/Hot Tub cover over and clean with professional solution

  • We also stock various replacement parts and can install new components to each individuals needs. (Inc. Filters, Heaters, Pumps etc.)

For more information on our Pool, Spa & Hot Tub Service Packages and to find out a price list please contact us on 01277 372292 or alternatively email

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